Running a business in today’s technologically advanced business place can be a very expensive and overwhelming project. With this book and a little practice you will be able to purchase one application and use that application to develop the rest of the software your business would require to run indefinitely.

While working as a technology business consultant, I have seen some businesses spend tens of thousands of dollars on software, software licensing fees, and maintenance fees, without ever making a profit from the software.

These software packages are usually simple enough that just about any amateur could earn to do with a little determination, and effort.

In this book / reference guide and the accompanying CD I will show you how to run a business without the purchase of any such software packages. This will possibly save your current business or you next start up thousands and thousands of dollars.

I assume your company has an internet connection, you have a computer, running windows software, you have a version of Microsoft Office and you have a desire to save some money.